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Association of Supporters of Feministische Studien

This association, the Feministische Studien e.V., was founded in 1988  in order to expand the resources necessary for the editorial work as well as  to provide financial support for the journal.

The annual membership fee is 80 euros. The charitable status of the association is officially acknowledged i.e. donations and membership fees are exempt from taxes. An annual subscription is included in the membership fee.

We invite all our readers to join the association and thus help safeguard the future of Feministische Studien. 

The Editors

  • Rita Casale, Claudia Gather, Sabine Hark, Friederike Kuster, Katharina Liebsch, Aline Oloff, Regine Othmer, Birgit Riegraf, Tanja Thomas

Committee Board:

Address of supporters´ association

c/o Regine Othmer
Voßstraße 48, D-30161 Hannover

Feministische Studien e.V. - account no. 122430309
Postbank Hannover - BLZ (Bank Code) 25010030